Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Swatch: Julep Hayden

Today we look at a polish I wanted to love, and have tried over and over...and its still a fail.  I have only bought one Julep box, I got the introductory box earlier this year for one cent.  This was a great way to try the brand, just wish I loved the polishes more! Hayden is this awesome pale peach that also has a nice brightness to it.  I have to admit I love the color, but the polish *sigh* four coats and it leaves these awful streaks.  You can see them near the base of my nail in the photo with flash.  They are worse in real life.  The worst part is by the end of day one, the entire nail had cracks throughout the polish.  I have tried this polish with short nails, long nails, inbetween and each time I get the same cracks.  I think after three tries, I am going to give up on this one. =(

Without flash: 
With flash: 

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