Monday, September 10, 2012

Manicure Monday

Today I tried a new technique for nail art.  I first saw this at Spektor's Nails, not sure if this is the first place this technique was seen, but it is what inspired this weeks Manicure Monday.  I used small stir stick straws, mainly because the only other straws I had at home were large ones for milk shakes.  They were almost the size of my nail! Think I will have to find an in between size before I try this one again.

The lineup from left to right: 

Orly-Champagne Cocktail
wet n Wild-Metallica
Sally Hansen-Antique Frost
Sally Hansen-Gilty Pleasure 
I started with three layers of Champagne Cocktail as my base.  I then alternated between the three metallic colors by touching the end of the straw onto the polish brush to pick up the color.  The concept is there, and I do like the colors together, but I really need a bigger straw to get the effect I was after.  

Without flash: 
With Flash: 

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