Monday, September 17, 2012

Manicure Monday

Today I will share with you my first attempt at a plastic wrap marbling. I found this idea via Pinterest (which is like crack for me!) and it linked to this blog. Her's looks much better, but I kinda got the general idea! I did two layers of Sinful Colors Leap Flog (I'm still sooo in love with this color!) After they dried I did a layer of wet n wild Metallica then right away took a crumpled piece of plastic wrap and dabbed my nails.  It gave me this cool effect, but was impossible to capture in pictures! What I love is that this makes for the perfect late night mani.  If you get a scuff or a smudge, it just blends right in! And for someone who has a really bad tenancy to do her nails late at night and fall asleep before they are dry....this was a great concept!

Without flash:
With flash: (Isn't it amazing how much the color changes with flash?)
Without flash under office lights: (this was by far the best at capturing the effect) 

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