Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Swatch: Sinful Colors You Just Wait

With Sinful Colors on sale for 99 cents at Walgreen's this week, of course I had to pick up some! And with my weakness for duochromes, You Just Wait was one that caught my eye. As with most polishes, I always like to try it alone first, without a black or white base, just to see how how it performs on its own. 

This one is very sheer.  These photos are with three coats. And as with most duochromes, it is nearly impossible to photograph.  This one is a pale pink base with green shimmer.  Will be trying this over white and black for my next few swatch posts.  May seem a tad redundant, but I love seeing how a opaque base can completely change a polish and bring out hidden elements of it. (please forgive staining from the black polish from my last mani) 

Without flash: You really can't tell much of the color at all in this one
With flash: Here you can see a bit of the green shimmer
At the office: You can see a little of the shimmer in this one too. 

Overall, because this is such a sheer polish, I am going to wait until I layer over white and black before I decide I love or hate it.  More of this polish to come! 

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