Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review: Vichy Laboratories NormaDerm Deep Cleansing Gel

Today we are looking at Vichy Laboratories NormaDerm Deep Cleansing Gel.  Before I received this sample, I had seen Vichy products in the stores, but was not attracted due to the price point.  The Vichy website lists the full size 6.7 oz size of this cleaner at $17.50, which is about $12.50 more than I ever want to spend on a face wash.  When I got this 1oz sample I expected to maybe get a week of use out of it. Two months later...boy was I wrong!! I still have a little left! 

First Thoughts: It has an interesting smell.  I cannot describe it! It is kinda herby and mediciney...but not in a bad way.  Personally I like the scent as it is a very unique "clean" scent to me.  It is very very subtle and only smell it the first few seconds of cleansing.  First time I used this, I used my typical amount of cleanser and found it to be WAY too much.  Second time I used an amount the size of a small pea and it was enough to cleanse AND take off light makeup! It leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean, but not overly tight.  

After a month: SHOCKED that I had only gone though a little less than half of the bottle.  I use this cleanser twice a day and I can barely tell I am using any of bottle.  I haven't had any acne outbreaks which is great.  I do still have a few pimples during that time of month (gee thanks hormones!!!) but honestly, NOTHING stops those *sigh* My skin feels smooth and not overly tight or stripped of oils which I really like. It does a good job at removing light makeup with a pea size amount.  If I am wearing heavy makeup I need a little bit more, but still impressed by how little product I need to use.  If I am wearing waterproof makeup, I need to use a separate makeup remover. 

Overall: I am very impressed with this product.  $17.50 for the full size may seem like a lot, but considering 1oz lasted me over 2 months, the full size product will last me at least a year. My skin seems very happy and smooth and no additional breakouts which is always a plus.    

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