Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review: CVS deep action cream cleanser

Today I'm going to share my experience with CVS brand deep action cream cleanser.  
The consistency is what you would expect, creamy and a little thick. 
First thoughts: It tingles! And a good tingle too.  Its a "yay my face feels clean" tingle not a "ACK!! something is eating away at my face" tingle.  The tingle lasts for a few minutes after cleansing and I really like that.  Makes me feel clean. 

After using for a few months: My favorite part of this cleanser is the tingle.  I am not a fan of how it makes my face feel, almost like it has a film on it.  This is the same feeling I get with every cream cleanser I have tried, and haven't liked any of them.  This is probably just my preference, as with most skin care products, everyone is individual.  It was good at removing makeup and didn't make me break out or be overly dry. 

Overall: I would not buy again, but mainly because I do not seem to get along with cream cleansers.  If you like cream cleansers I would give this one a try.  The tingle and cleaning is great and it is a very good price. 

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