Thursday, October 4, 2012

Swatch: wet n wild Night Prowl

Oh I loves me a cheap polish, and I really loves me a pretty cheap polish lol.  I am so glad that wet n wild has upped their game since back in the day.  When I first used their products in...Jr. High...ummm wow...I'm not going to count how many years ago that was! But now they are a reliable affordable brand with surprising quality. Yay! This 99 cent polish is one of em.  Nigh Prowl is a black jelly with fine purple glitter in it.  It kinda reminds me of the little sister to Revlon's Scandalous.  Def not a dupe, but its along the same concept.  This took three coats to be opaque and dry time was nice and fast.  My only complaint is that this one took two coats of top coat to be super smooth.  Then again, I want my top coat perfectly smooth so one layer of top coat might be fine for you.  

Without flash: 
With flash: 

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