Monday, October 15, 2012

CVS wet n wild sale!!!

This week at CVS wet n wild is buy on get one free. Which is already a great deal. Then I went to the Magic Red Box and I got a $2 off $4.99 wet n wild purchase.  SOOOOO here is my haul! 

5 megalast polishes, full price $1.99 each
1 fastdry polish, full price $1.99 each

After B1G1 free and $2 off....what would have been $11.94+tax was $4.47 with tax. Not bad!!! Make sure you hit up the Magic Red Box for coupons!! 

AND!!!! G at Nouveau Cheap even named me in a post after I tweeted her my find!!! I feel like a celeb now!!! Look!  I know I'm a total dork, but Nouveau Cheap is my fave beauty blog and I was able to help!!! teehee And everyone MUST check out her blog.  She really is amazing! 

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