Friday, January 25, 2013

Review: Pond's Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes

Trying another facial wipe.  This one I got from an Allure Magazine giveaway...I think.  It kinda just appeared in a random box one day, no note or anything. But I vaguely remember it was one of the items you could try to win from Allure.  lol yay free beauty product of mysterious origin?

Seeing Kaolin clay as an ingredient makes my oily skin happy!

One thing I hated was after taking off the box, it left this awful glue that I could not get off at all. You can kinda see it over the ingredients.  Its still super sticky and its bugging me!

Good size, and remember, I have hands the size of a 10 year old

Initial Thoughts: Kaolin clay? Sign my oily skin up! I also like the design on the cloth itself, makes it better for gentle scrubbing and picking up makeup.  It did a good job removing all of my makeup and did not leave a residue on my skin.  I was happy that I did not feel the need to follow up with a face wash after using this cloth. 

Overall Thoughts: I was impressed! I used these for a full week.  I did not break out and my skin did feel nice and soft.  Even though I am more of a fan of traditional cleansers, I might repurchase these when I run out to keep on hand for quick make up changes or for those nights I just have no energy. They were also a life saver when I had a migraine the other night, the act of tilting my head forward to wash it was just not going to happen without my head exploding. So it was these wipes to the rescue! 

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