Thursday, May 23, 2013

Swatch: wet n wild megalast in Under Your Spell

In the bottle this polish looks like your basic shimmery burgundy. But once on the nail you can see it is a black jelly with burgundy shimmer. This makes for a very deep color on this polish. This polish is at least a three coater, first two layers were beyond streaky and I almost gave up. The third coat really helps


  1. I have one of the Megalast ones as well...Does that one have that massive, annoying, triangular brush?

    1. HATE the brush. It is flat and wide and wonky. I like the traditional round brushes, but it seems that for some odd reason...people like these flat brushes of doom. grrrrr.

    2. I hate the brush as well, so it is okay, we can hate it together, lol. Solidarity and such.