Monday, May 20, 2013

Manicure Monday

I am so lucky to have won this amazing Dior polish in the Spring Essentials giveaway from Victoria at I am so excited! At first this polish looks like a creme, but once on the nail there is a subtle shimmer. I will have to do a swatch post to show more of the shimmer. I topped it with a few dots in wet n wild wild shine in Black Creme. Hope you like! 


  1. Cute! So is Dior nail polish worth all the hype? Or is just just...nail polish.

    1. This is my second Dior polish, and is just a polish. But sometimes Dior (and Chanel) come out with colors that are so unique it may be worth it. I wasn't a huge fan of the brush, but I also don't like flat brushes in general, I prefer the classic round brush. It does make me feel spoiled though! I wouldn't buy it myself, but then again, I'm the type who even waits for sales on wet n wild =P

    2. HAHA, I'm cheap when it comes to nail polish as well as the few pricey brands I've tried didn't last the way they were advertised to, but I've been curious about Chanel and Dior, so I'm glad to have HONEST feedback instead of ZOMG ITS DIOR ITS AMAZING. :)