Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara

I won this mascara in a giveaway a few months back and finally got around to using it!. I think this is the first CoverGirl mascara I have ever used and I am really impressed!

Bare lashes (and gotta love how frizzy the hair looks!)

Bare lashes:

One coat mascara (woohoo towel holding my hair =P)

One coat mascara:

Initial Thoughts: Love the thick brush and substantial tube. It is also a drier mascara which is good for someone like me who will always blink or sneeze or something that will leave marks with a wet mascara. It really made my lashes pop and is a good true black

Overall Thoughts: Love this! I can use one coat for every day or easily build it up for a more dramatic look.  It does not  smudge at all.  I have oily skin and it holds up to a full day of work, heat, and a workout. It also washes off easily with my regular face wash.  So far this is my favorite mascara I have tried in a long time! Sad that I am almost out and that I promised myself I would go through my stash before I buy more...must be patient! 

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