Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quick Review: Body shop Rainforest Mosture Shampoo and Conditioner

This sample was received from the brand. Please see end of post for full disclosure. 

One reason why I love samples is sometimes you find things that just really don't work out, and you don't have to spend money to find it out. Keep reading to see why this shampoo and conditioner just did not get along with me.

Initial Thoughts: This is a low lather shampoo.  This didn't bother me at first as most natural shampoos are low lather.  What bothered me is that it didn't make my hair feel clean at all.  I felt like I had washed my hair with just water. My hair did not feel clean and felt like it still had oil and dirt on it.  I added more shampoo and even using twice what I would normally use it felt the same.  The conditioner was really runny, so runny I couldn't feel anything in my hair at all.  Before I apply conditioner I always wring out the extra water in my hair, even with minimal water this conditioner washed away.  After I dried my hair it didn't feel clean or soft.  This one will not be one I will look to purchase, ever.  

The sample of this product was sent directly by the brand.  This is my honest review and not influenced by receipt of the sample.

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