Friday, April 5, 2013

Review: AcneFree Therapeutic Sulfur mask

This sample was received from the brand. Please see end of post for full disclosure.

Everyone's skin is different.  Some like peroxide the best for blemishes, some like salicylic acid. Me? Sulfur has always worked wonders.  When I saw this I had to try it! 

Little blue beads!

I made a good anemic looking Smurf don't I?

Initial Thoughts: You can see little blue beads in the mask.  As you work the mask into your skin the beads melt and turn the mask blue.  Once you are a lovely shade of Smurf you let the mask dry before washing off.  It does not sting or burn, just feels tighter as it dries.  It does not drip and washes off easily. 

Overall Thoughts: My skin was softer right after using this mask.  I used it in the late afternoon and the next morning my face was a bit clearer.  Nothing ground breaking, but it was great at zapping pimples that had not fully formed yet.  This seemed to last a few days.  This mask is great and I am always on the search for face products that contain sulfur as it is what works best for me.   This is a great full face mask, but I also think it would be a good spot mask if the full size comes in a tube or tub.  

The sample of this product was sent directly by the brand.  This is my honest review and not influenced by receipt of the sample. 


  1. Where did you pick this up or do you have to buy online? I'm thinking if I rub it in my palms first to break the beads this may be something for me to try as I've never tried a sulfur product.

    1. I got this trial size through their Facebook site, but I know that my local CVS carries the full size.

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