Sunday, December 9, 2012

Review: John Freida Precision Foam Color in Deep Cherry Brown

Its been a few months since I have colored my hair.  Due to that I was sporting a tri colored look.  Or I could say I was trendy and intentionally had the ombre look.  In reality it was top my natural color, middle the last time I used this color, and ends a lighter older color.  You can kinda see it below.  It wasn't super obvious, but enough to bug me. 

So I decided to go with Deep Cherry Brown from the John Freida Precision Foam Color line.  This line is good for subtle change, no shocking colors are in the line. 

In the box you get the basic items you get with most colors, developer, colourant, gloves, conditioner and directions. 

The part I love the most? FOAM!!! It smells pretty good too, well as good as a chemical can get.  Most fun part is you can hear the foam bubbling while it sits on your head. Ok, so maybe thats because I'm easily amused...

Word of warning...this stuff will drip as you get to the end of the wait time.  Keep a towel you don't like around your shoulders and beware you may drip on the I did...

Look! Foam!

After rinsing, conditioning, and drying this is what I got. Look! All one color! It is a few shades darker overall and has a subtle red color that shows a bit more in the sun.  I really like it! 

Initial Thoughts: Not any fun shades in the line, defiantly geared towards a more natural look.  And FOAM! Foam is fun! The directions are great and make it super easy to understand the steps needed.  The scent is also one of the best I have come across.  

Overall: Very easy to use, just be wary of drips near the end of the wait time.  Color lasted about a week before I thought it started to fade, but I also chose a red and reds fade super fast no matter what.   Even with the fading the color is still great.  I have used this color before and once the red fades completely  I am left with a really nice brown color I like.  This also leaves my hair super soft.  My hair feels like silk and not one bit dry after using this.  I have super fine hair so it would be really easy for something to fry it, but this is super gentle.  

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