Sunday, December 2, 2012

CoverGirl Golden Giveaways I Won Something!

I enter a ton of giveaways, mainly just for the fun of it, but once and a while I win something!! Woohoo! Last week I get this random box in the mail and was rather confused as I was not expecting something.  I open it up and there is a letter saying I won CoverGirl Golden Giveaways and here is what I got!

-CoverGirl t-shirt, actually super comfy and have been wearing it as my pj shirt =)
-CoverGirl duffle bag.  How did they know that using a reusable Target bag was kinda sad to hold my gym clothes?
-Lash Blast Volume Mascara.  It has been years since I have tried a CoverGirl product, and I have heard so much good things about their mascaras lately, I'm really excited to try this
-Outlast all-day lipcolor in natural blush.  Oh this brings back memories of high school! That was about when the long lasting two step lip colors came out.  Wasn't a total fan, but it has been so long kinda excited to see how it goes.  

Excited for presents in the mail! teehee.  Will try things out and of course post reviews =)


  1. I LOVE outlast lip color, but I haven't tried that shade. Its my favorite kind, though, as I hate re-applying every 3 minutes. Congrats on the awesome loot!

    1. Thanks! Glad to hear you are a fan of the lip color, my past experiences haven't been that great, but then again that was oh...10 years or more ago. =P Will have to give it a try this week!