Friday, November 16, 2012

Glue Basecoat for Glitter Polish

Glitter polish oh so pretty but oh so hard to remove.....until now! How? Glue! Really! I saw this on Wacky Laki and HAD to try it.  So here are some pics!

Here is my basecoat of Elmer's glue.  Really! I waited for it to dry then put on three coats of Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Glitz Gal, the two layers of topcoat.

Here I am two days later.  This is after two showers and two giant piles of dishes to wash.  And me picking at it. I couldn't help it! I wanted to peel it! lol I could have gone at least three days, but I was too excited to see how it works. 

I started at the base of my nail with an orange stick and *gasp* it really worked!!! Most of the polish came right off.  The bits that were a little harder I soaked my hands in warm water for a bit.  How long did it take for both hands? About five minutes.  Only five minutes for glitter polish!!!

Final clean up was just to wash my hands to get any remaining glue off my nails.  As it was water based, it was a snap! 

I am totally sold on this.  It was so easy! And fun. I mean, when else can you peel polish off and not take half your nail with it? And this makes glitter polish easier to deal with, no more dreading removal.


  1. You, ma'am, have just changed my life. O.O

    *adds glue to shopping list*

    Still no word back from influenster after I sent them a SECOND email. Did you notice their "about" info seems to have changed since before the relaunch?

    1. I'm going to try using glue for non glitter polish next. Totally brings back memories of putting glue on my hand as a kid just to let it dry to peel it off =P I was totally amazed that my polish didn't just wash off!

      hmmm their about info does seem a bit different. will be interesting how this goes.