Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: Jergens natural GLOW and Protect

When I got a sample of this lotion I was excited.  I am...pale. Like glow in the dark pale. So pale my mom says if we are ever in a sinking ship at legs would save us because they would glow in the dark pale. 
Before: So trying to get pictures of my paleness wasn't the easiest thing to do. I compared with my arm since my arm sometimes see sunlight and actually has some color!! 
After: This is after using the lotion for three days. The lighting is different, but you can see my leg is less pale. 

First impression: Feels like your basic lotion.  What I like is there isn't a strong scent.  Even with SPF 20, I wasn't able to pick up a sun screen smell.  The lotion absorbs really well, which is good since the package warns to let the lotion dry before putting clothes on.  

Overall: Is this a way to get an instant tan? No. Is is way to gradually built a subtle tan? Yes.  After three days my legs had a touch of color to them.  This worked great for me because I'm so pale that if I suddenly changed color that quickly it would be odd.  I didn't have any transfer to my clothes, but I did get a little color on my white towels after drying off in the shower.  

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