Friday, April 4, 2014

Tiesday: Orange for the fight against Leukemia

So here at the office we have "Tiesday" which is when we all wear ties on Tuesday. (Tie+Tuesday=Tiesday) this week we wore Orange to honor the fight against Leukemia. Why? Well, last Monday our lovely, bright, all around amazing coworker Kim lost her two year fight with Leukemia. After a week of being devastated one of the girls here came up with the idea of making this Tiesday special in memory of Kim 
Yay orange tie! (Yay pic obviously taken before coffee has taken effect)

Of course I had to match my nails. I chose Zoya in Amy. This is such an axing color. The orange and gold flecks really make this one special. And being Zoya, the formula is a dream. 

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  1. You're so cute and that's a lovely orange nail polish! I love that you guys support a cause. :)