Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: Perlier Shower & Bath Cream Kit

Product received for free from iFabbo.  This is my honest review

I was excited to try these out from iFabbo since I am a total sucker for good smelling bath products =P.  I will go through each scent then give my overall impression at the end.

They came in a zip top plastic bag, this bag would be perfect for travel or keeping in a gym bag

It also came with a card to give the details on each scent in the kit

I decided to try the Honey scent first.  Totally by accident, I wanted to try the almond first, but was half asleep when I put this in the shower. 

Overall Thoughts: YUM. This smells just like honey.  The body wash lathers up really nicely and leaves my skin soft.  The lotion is really thin, but I was beyond shocked at how soft it made my skin. I cannot remember the last time my skin was this soft! For a thin fast absorbing lotion this is the best I have ever tried.  

Next up is White Almond.

Overall Thoughts: Very mild almond scent.  I was hoping for a stronger scent, but mainly because I am a sucker for almond.  It is still very nice and does not smell artificial at all.  The body wash lathers nicely and the lotion is quick absorbing and makes my skin super soft. 

Next is Shea Butter

Overall Thoughts: MMMMM citrus.  This has a light fresh citrus scent to it.  Like the other scents the body wash lathers up really nicely.  This lotion is much thicker, but I expected this with so much shea butter.  Even with being super thick, it absorbed quickly and did no leave my skin oily at all. 

Last we have Olive Oil

Overall Thoughts: This is the most mild scented of the set.  I can't really describe the scent, it is fresh and clean but I cannot pin point what I am smelling.  Body wash is great and the lotion is not as thin as the honey, but not as thick as the shea butter.

Overall Thoughts On The Kit: Oh my! My skin is soooo soft.  I really can't remember the last time it has been this soft. I am beyond impressed by this kit.  The scents are great and don't smell artificial.  The body washes lather up and clean really well. And the lotion, even the thinner ones, do a killer job at making my skin super soft. 

You can buy the kit from HSN here.  You can also get $5's off any Perlier product purchase at by using the promo code: ifabbo5 (affiliate link)


  1. Ooooh, those look so good, I want to try the honey and citrus now!!!

    1. what impressed me most is the lotion, I cannot get over how soft my skin is! I'm UBER cheap and would consider buying it. And I usually get stuff at the dollar store.