Saturday, May 26, 2012

ChapStick Lip Shield 365 Review

Hello! Today I am reviewing another awesome product from my VoxBox. This one is the ChapStick Lip Shield 365
First Thoughts: I love anything with SPF.  If I am going to be outside for more than an hour I always want a lip balm with SPF on it.  Trust me, sun burnt lips are very painful!! Been there done that, and never want to again. Curious as to what the texture will be, as many of the higher SPF lip balms I have tried are not as smooth as a non SPF balm. 

After using for two days: First, this has an awesome scent.  It is a mild lemon scent which I totally didn't expect.  And since citrus is a scent I'm a total sucker for, this was awesome! Once I applied it I was happy with the texture, it didn't have that weird waxy feel other high SPF balms have.  It was moisturizing, but I cannot tell you how it would hold up to anything extreme as living in California, 70s and sunny isn't even remotely extreme.  

Overall: For the scent alone I would purchase this again.  Add in the high SPF and the texture and its a winner for me. 

Note: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 

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